This is cool, you're here! Hi. I’m Maria, a UX designer at DockYard in Boston. We make future-friendly web apps for cool clients. We also write about design, enginering and making things happen here.

I also have an ongoing thing for color, pattern, and modern art.

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Here are some things! Hope they’re useful.

Speaking & workshops

I started by giving a quick talk at DockYard's weekly speaker searies about how color actually means different things in different cultures, and got a bit carried away. I have since presented Color for UX Design as a full conference talk, and a hands-on workshop.

I'm happy to offer what I've earned to UX designers, engineers and other curious folks. Email me to discuss one of these for 2016:

Design / Art Practice

Design and art feel needlessly separated in modern professional practice. If you want to get a cool newsletter every Wednesday, sign up!

And also - get in touch to organize a design/art workshop that helps design thinking people get creatively un-stuck.